Sharepoint Extensions for Visual Studio 2005

Any news on when a new release of the extensions are due? The state of the current tools is downright abyssmal. Even ignoring the requirement to run VS on the Sharepoint server machine, half the things don’t work or are horribly slow. The Sharepoint Solution Generator doesn’t support the most important sites I want to create a definition of (Portals, Publishing sites) and crashes randomly throughout, the WSP generator scripts take almost 5 minutes for a simple list definition, and the Sharepoint Workflow Designer is simply a mess, hard to understand what’s going on and how to match a correlationToken between tasks and workflows.

I’m doing a short Sharepoint training week here in Belfast, and half the time I’m forced to show them nice tools and explain why they can’t use them yet. :(

Even if the RTM release is still far off and there’s nothing stable enough to release as a beta or CTP, I’d appreciate hearing about any progress made. Does the extension team have a blog that I’ve missed where they release status updates, or haven’t they converted to the new, transparent Microsoft way? :)

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