Zune Desktop Theme – A Warning


A few days ago, Microsoft released a new Desktop Theme for Windows XP named the “Zune Desktop Theme” – even though it looks a lot like Vista, all in black and orange. It fits in with Office 2007’s Black skin, so I gleefully installed it.

Everything was fine for a few days until the first time I had to reboot (rather than Standby/Hibernate) – late last night. From that moment on, my Windows Explorer would crash every time you tried to do anything. Windows loaded? Explorer crashed. Tried to open a folder? Expolrer crashed. Save As from Word? You guessed it.

Took me a while to put two and two together since there were a few days between the two, but the solution is to:

a) Uninstall the Zune Desktop Theme.

b) Choose a different desktop theme (Luna, for instance).

c) Reboot.

This solved the problem for me. Even though I’d gotten used to the gloomy Vista-ish look, I won’t be reinstalling it any time soon. Your experience might be different, but beware. If you’re feeling curious or suicidal, here’s the download link:

Zune XP Desktop Theme

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