Visual Studio obstructing DebugView

I’ve mentioned it before, but SysInternal‘s DebugView is a great utility. It allows you to get the Debug.WriteLine() strings from your application even when you’re not attached with a debugger, as long as it was compiled in Debug mode. Very convenient.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit hard to use when I’m also actually doing work with Visual Studio. It seems that some bits of VS are also logging calls with the OutputDebugString API call. I can live with the occasional message like this:

[3448] DllCanUnloadNow called for VSA7.dll
[3448] DllCanUnloadNow returned S_FALSE

but getting these:

[3448] Left. Enter HWND 90ea6

whenever I do anything in Visual Studio is annoying, and quickly hides any pertinent debug messages I want to see.

Running  Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers
Version 8.0.50727.51  (QFE.050727-5100)
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 2.0.50727

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