Some thoughts on uninstalling Sharepoint ’12’ Beta 1

I’m uninstalling an old beta of the Sharepoint servers from a VPC I have on my computer to make room for the newer Beta 2 servers, and I noticed several things:

1) The installation originally required a then-current build of Windows Workflow Foundation to install. However, it appears that it also requires it to UNINSTALL. I had to find the old installation of WWF Beta 1.2 and reinstall it. It is no longer available on Microsoft Downloads except as part of the 100MB package containing the Visual Studio extensions. Actual package size – 2.5Mb.

2) Uninstallation CRAWLS under VPC (512MB RAM, running on a USB2.0 external harddrive).

3) Is it my imagination? Does it… is it…
No, it’s true. The progress bar for the uninstallation actually does go BACK a few pixels every once in a while. You probably won’t notice it if it isn’t crawling on a background VPC, but it’s true. It’s rocking back and forth. Weird.

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