VB Build Events

Having found myself developing in VB.NET alongside C# recently, I was rather annoyed at the lack of pre- and post-build-events for VB projects in VS.NET2003.

A quick check of the DTE automation model showed that while the .VBPROJ file schema does not enable persistently storing build event information for VB projects, the EnvDTE.Project object DOES enable you to specify that property, whether it’s a C# or VB project – they just won’t be persisted to the VBProj file.

Inspired by Roy‘s recent Add-In contest, I decided to write a plug-in that persisted the build events to custom user properties in the project file and then reloads them into the PostBuildEvents on project load. A quick googling, however, revealed that I am, alas, too late. Microsoft themselves have released this add-in as part of their Automation Samples for extending Visual Studio.

I shall but link, and grieve.

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