A Sincere and Permanent Attachment

Our goal for today is automatically attaching a Smart Document to a document – hopefully from a button or a COM add-in or something.

Well, my pre-2003 Office skills are a bit rusty, so I haven’t gotten around to making a COM add-in for this – and I think VSTO deployment these days is still too clunky and awkward to be convenient, but for now, this bit of VBA code will attach our manifest to the active document:

[Note: Some of my actions here might be superfluous. I am not entirely sure as to what is necessary. If you can refine this – please do.]

Sub AttachManifest()

    Dim Namespace As XMLNamespace
    Set Namespace = ActiveDocument.Application.XMLNamespaces.Add(“C:ProjectsSDmy.xsd, “My Schema“, “my“, True)
    Namespace.AttachToDocument (ActiveDocument)
    ActiveDocument.Application.XMLNamespaces.InstallManifest “C:ProjectsSDmanifest_signed.xml”, True
     ActiveDocument.SmartDocument.SolutionURL = “C:ProjectsSDmanifest_signed.xml”
    ActiveDocument.SmartDocument.SolutionID = “My Schema”
End Sub


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